Metals Recycling

Wykco Metals is the newest addition to our already extensive range of Wykco services.

As a member of IWMSA, we are constantly looking for new ways to extend our sustainability efforts. Our unfailing dedication to conserving the environment and its natural resources has encouraged us to incorporate Metal Recycling as part of our services.

Some people fail to realize that metals can be recycled over and over again, without having any of its properties altered. Metal recycling is often disregarded, and people throw their metal scraps away, or leave it to rot and rust which contributes to the global waste disposal crisis. However, metal recycling has a multitude of benefits including some of the following:

- Preservation of Natural Resources
- Reduction of Harmful Emissions
- Management of Energy Consumption
- Economic Development

Wykco Metals depot, conveniently located in Parow, Cape Town, accepts all ferrous (steel & iron) and non-ferrous (stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, brass, tin, bronze, and others) metals. We offer rebates for all commercial and industrial scrap metal parts. End-of-life vehicles and heavy-duty machinery can be recycled if provided with the necessary paperwork such as a scrap certificate from a licensing department.

We process and recycle metal according to laid out legal guidelines with destruction certificates issued on request. We are ready to effectively reduce metal waste that contributes to environmental degradation.






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